How to Survive a International Flight

Now I still don’t consider myself a pro-international traveler, but this past year I have traveled internationally a few times and each time I refine what I think I truly need on the flight with me. So here are some things that I will be taking with me in my carry on next week when I travel to Munich, Germany for the second time this year.

Lip Balm // Hello dry lips! I feel like airplanes and dry lips go hand in hand and a heavy duty lip balm is necessary. My go-to lip balm should be no surprise to you guys, Glossier’s Balm Dotcom in coconut is my favorite scent, but I also like the cherry to add a hint of color to my lips. Get 20% off your first order here with my rep link.

Solid Cleanser // The key when traveling is to take a few liquids as possible. My favorite solid cleanser is Farmacy Green Clean, this product smells so fresh and it is cruelty-free. This product removes waterproof makeup which is really important to me as I religiously wear waterproof mascara.

Facial Mist // A sure way to feel instantly refreshed and awake is a facial mist and my favorite is Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe Herbs and Rosewater. The only thing is I would recommend maybe spritzing yourself in the bathroom or you neighbor may get a little mist as well.

Masks and/or Under Eye Treatment // Like I mentioned above airplanes dry out your skin so masks are a great way to help keep your skin looking fresh. If you feel comfortable with applying a mask midflight there are some great ones you can actually sleep in and then take a facial wipe to remove. I really like Embryolisse lait-crème concentrè which can be used as a face mask, facial lotion, and face primer before makeup.

Multitasking Makeup // The less makeup the better, I don’t like feeling overwhelmed with a lot of products when traveling so products that can have multiple purposes is perfect!

Dry Shampoo // When I travel for work sometimes I don’t get the luxury of having a lot of refresh time when I check into the hotel before I have to leave again. A way to keep my hair fresh is to dry shampoo my hair before take off, usually in the airport bathroom, and only slightly work it into my hair. I quite possible look weird with some dry shampoo showing my hair feels like gross when I get off the flight. I really like Batiste but honestly, I’ll take any travel size I can find.

Hand Sanitizer // I feel like I have been mentioning how the air and the water aren’t the best when it comes to germs so I really like to keep a hand sanitizer on me and this Honest Spray Hand Sanitizer is my favorite. It’s really easy to use and smells like oranges.

Tylenol PM // I don’t know about you but falling asleep in on a 13+ hour flight can be difficult sometimes and you need a little extra help. I really like Tylenol PM because it helps you fall asleep and it combats the aches and pains that come with sleeping in an airplane seat.

Vitamin C // There are so many germs floating around an airplane with the recycled air and all. I start taking vitamin C a few days before I depart and then throughout my entire trip. I really like the Vita Fusion gummies because they are actually delicious to eat and taste just like orange candy.

Compression Clothes // My favorite bottoms to wear on a long flight are my compression leggings I got on Amazon this past year or I recently got these new Aerie joggers that are so soft and comfy, but with the joggers, I may get compression socks to help with long flight swelling.

Slanket (scarf/blanket) // I saw a post on Into The Gloss where they used this term and insistently loved it to describe the legendary travel scarf/blanket.

Smell Good // Travel deodorant is the best way to keep smelling good. The one thing you do not want to do it put any harsh scents on you while on the plane, you want to wait until you get off the plane to spray yourself with perfume. I recently ordered Native in scent vanilla coconut from a recommendation my friend Courtney gave me. Native has a line of sensitive skin which is baking soda free which as we know from my past deodorant post my skin does not do well with baking soda.

Facial Wipes // We all know that feeling when you wake up from a nap and feel the need to splash water on your face. Now airplane water isn’t the best and getting to the bathroom is sometimes a hassle so these Garnier micellar water facial wipes are my favorite to get the sleepies out of my eyes. I follow with my facial spray and I feel 10 times more awake and refreshed.

Headphones // Now I wish I could lie and say I cozy up with a book during my long flight and get a lot of reading done, and I do on domestic flights, but with the temptation of movies literally at my fingertips, I get completely sucked in. I recommend a good pair of noise-canceling headphones so you can be completely undisturbed while you binge watch a pretty decent choice of movies or shows, only to be disturbed by the stewardess for snacks.